17 June 2006

The Story of the Blog

I've wanted to start a knitting blog for quite a while--mainly because I love to shout my progress to anyone willing to listen, and there aren't very many of those people around me at the moment, if you know what I mean. That is, people who know how to spell "purl" and who have an inkling what Stockinette stitch is. Because the other kind are just not as much fun to brag to.

I knew if I wanted to start a knitting blog, though, I would need a unique and yet memorable name. Uniqueness is a particular challenge these days, considering how many knitters there are who share my desire to shout to the heavens (or generally out into the net) about their progress. I read a few of them, so I know how contagious it is.

So there I was, knitting away, actually not thinking about a knitting blog at that moment, when I looked at a pencil sitting on my desk. And then looked at it again, in a new way. You know, pencils are even more prepared to be knitting needles than are chopsticks. A little clear (or colored) nail polish over the tips, and you've got some incredibly cheap hexagonal knitting needles. (Don't they charge extra for square knitting needles?) And besides, the ookiness factor of someone creating fabric from yarn with two PENCILS is not to be underestimated. And you think you get a lot of mystified stares knitting with needles!

Basically, I'm very distractible all the time. I have these lovely ideas... I haven't actually knitted with pencils (yet) but I have great plans to do so. Soon. As in, once I get done moving (there's a story there about not letting your stash get more than 100 feet from you... 180 miles is definitely too far!), and finish the next few projects. More on what's on my needles and what's coming out of the stash imminently in the next post.

By the way, if anyone out there has knitted with pencils, let me know? I'd love to hear how hexagonal needles work!

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