25 September 2006

The Moment of Uh Oh

This morning, I came down the stairs to see this:
Say it with me: Uh oh. I wasn't sure yet that this was a piece of yarn connected to a project yet, until I turned the corner to the left:
Luckily for the cat, he was not there the first time, but when I went to take the picture, there he was.. no doubts about at least one of the culprits of this.. and as you can see, the yarn comes right out of the project bag before wrapping around the table leg:

Then it moved around the corner:
And around another corner:
And around yet another corner:
Before finally I found the end in my friend's newest knitting project:

This is the second time the cat(s) (we're not sure who are the culprits) have gotten into her knitting. They have yet to get into mine. Is that because they know that I'm not good enough friends with them that they are safe from harm if they get into mine? Because they are used to playing with her and therefore think her yarn is fair game? Whatever it is, this is my friend the NEW KNITTER and I want them to leave her yarn alone before she gets discouraged!


24 September 2006

A Perfect Pair!

I've got a pair of crazy socks! Not sure how much I'll be able to wear them with, but they were fun to make! I used the garter rib stitch pattern and followed the instructions in Sensational Knitted Socks (well worth having, if you don't already!) and had a great time. In fact, I've already cast-on my next pair. I wanted to wait until my new sock yarn came, but I still have yarn in the stash and I just couldn't wait... could I be addicted to sock knitting??

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19 September 2006


When you're trying to FINISH as many of your WIPs, starting new ones is not effective. That's why I told myself when I cast off my last washrag that there would be no more until I was satisfied that I had made enough UFOs into FOs.

I do have an excuse, though. I went to visit my mother-cousin (my mom's cousin, get it?), and I wanted to give her a little something for all the times she's taken me in (even though she insists I'm part of the family), even on short notice. So I whipped up this dishrag lickety split to give her... but I didn't have any needles for weaving in ends.

So, the washrag is finished, all ends weaved in, but not with my mother-cousin. What's the cheapest way to send a dishrag? Posted by Picasa

17 September 2006

Forget rulers or yardsticks...

... I need people to give you perspective on the project I've been working on.

Here's He-Who-Had-Better-Be-Grateful holding up the scarf... notice how his knuckles are scraping the ceiling? (He's standing on his tiptoes.)

And here's me, lying next to the scarf. I'm 5' 6", and we had to do this from an angle to make it work, so the top is a bit foreshortened, but you get the idea. Also, Jimmy couldn't be outdone and decided to get in on the fun by standing ON the scarf.

So that's what I've been up to lately. I have to roll the crazy thing up so it doesn't get horribly twisted as I have to turn for each new row. I'm going to be SO happy when this is finished! Posted by Picasa

09 September 2006

Are you ready for this?

It's a sock!

Finished and everything!

Furthermore, I have already cast-on for the second sock! I don't seem to have second sock syndrome, yet. As soon as I finish the first, I usually am on such a high that I want to finish the second so that I can wear them both! (And sometimes I wear one while knitting the other.. silly, isn't it?)

So yes, life is good. Of course, I really need to get finished with this sock and also the Doctor Who scarf (agh!) in order to be able to cast-on my next project. Ugh. But, I refuse to cast-on another project just yet. I refuse! I'm showing restraint, and self-discipline, and all that jazz. Do you hear me?

(Would it bad to just, say, knit a gauge swatch? You know, just to see if the yarn even gets the right gauge?) Posted by Picasa

06 September 2006

A sock!

Please excuse the random water bottle in the background. And my white legs/feet. But, as you can see, I'm making progress on the sock! In fact, I finished the green stripe and most of a purple stripe tonight (took this picture late last night) so I'm even further than it looks in the picture.

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.. I have a TMD (Temperomandibular joint Dysfunction) problem that a dentist back in California has been treating long distance while I've been living in New Jersey. Now that I'm in Maryland, I need to get braces (which I obviously couldn't do long distance). Which means a new dentist.

Oh well, at least maybe I can get more of the sock done. Hopefully this appointment tomorrow won't be too bad. And at least I know what day of the week it is! Posted by Picasa

02 September 2006

No Longer a UFO

Remember that washrag from the previous long post? Well, even if you don't, here it is, finished, and in situ:

I just had to take a picture of a piece of the kitchen that I was matching. Just to show off:

And then there's the confession.. I might have bought more yarn. Maybe. But really, it wasn't ENTIRELY my idea to go to the yarn store! And, well, I have an idea about what pattern I'm going to use it for. BUT, I have decided that I may not even so much as knit a gauge swatch until I have finished at least two more projects, and not cast on any more washrags. So, no more washrags for me! (Or at least, not unless I want to put myself back even further...) Posted by Picasa

How Many Is Too Many?

I have a definite tendency to test my limits.  I want to know how much is too much or how many is too many.

For example, how many units in college is too many to carry?  (Answer: 25 units, or 7 classes)  Or, how many IMs is too many?  (More than four or five with people who really want to talk is really too many.  Fewer if I'm having a serious conversation with at least one of them.. .that way lies madness.)

So, how many knitting blogs can I follow before I start wanting to pretend I didn't check which had been updated when I open my RSS reader?  The answer: 115.  The sad part is, I can't think of any that I clearly am not interested in and therefore can drop off my list.  What am I going to do??

(Also, how many WIPs is too many?  I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure I'm past that point.  When I'm not even working and I start feeling overwhelmed...)

P.S.  In a separate post (not this one for my ease of posting) there will be pictures of one fewer WIP.. I finished my dishrag, and I'm hereby forbidding myself from starting another.  More about that in next post.

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