09 September 2006

Are you ready for this?

It's a sock!

Finished and everything!

Furthermore, I have already cast-on for the second sock! I don't seem to have second sock syndrome, yet. As soon as I finish the first, I usually am on such a high that I want to finish the second so that I can wear them both! (And sometimes I wear one while knitting the other.. silly, isn't it?)

So yes, life is good. Of course, I really need to get finished with this sock and also the Doctor Who scarf (agh!) in order to be able to cast-on my next project. Ugh. But, I refuse to cast-on another project just yet. I refuse! I'm showing restraint, and self-discipline, and all that jazz. Do you hear me?

(Would it bad to just, say, knit a gauge swatch? You know, just to see if the yarn even gets the right gauge?) Posted by Picasa

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