17 September 2006

Forget rulers or yardsticks...

... I need people to give you perspective on the project I've been working on.

Here's He-Who-Had-Better-Be-Grateful holding up the scarf... notice how his knuckles are scraping the ceiling? (He's standing on his tiptoes.)

And here's me, lying next to the scarf. I'm 5' 6", and we had to do this from an angle to make it work, so the top is a bit foreshortened, but you get the idea. Also, Jimmy couldn't be outdone and decided to get in on the fun by standing ON the scarf.

So that's what I've been up to lately. I have to roll the crazy thing up so it doesn't get horribly twisted as I have to turn for each new row. I'm going to be SO happy when this is finished! Posted by Picasa

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