02 September 2006

How Many Is Too Many?

I have a definite tendency to test my limits.  I want to know how much is too much or how many is too many.

For example, how many units in college is too many to carry?  (Answer: 25 units, or 7 classes)  Or, how many IMs is too many?  (More than four or five with people who really want to talk is really too many.  Fewer if I'm having a serious conversation with at least one of them.. .that way lies madness.)

So, how many knitting blogs can I follow before I start wanting to pretend I didn't check which had been updated when I open my RSS reader?  The answer: 115.  The sad part is, I can't think of any that I clearly am not interested in and therefore can drop off my list.  What am I going to do??

(Also, how many WIPs is too many?  I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure I'm past that point.  When I'm not even working and I start feeling overwhelmed...)

P.S.  In a separate post (not this one for my ease of posting) there will be pictures of one fewer WIP.. I finished my dishrag, and I'm hereby forbidding myself from starting another.  More about that in next post.

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