29 June 2006


I'm dreaming.. but not in the literal sense like I probably should be, considering what time it is here. However, I'll get there.

Right now, I've been dreaming about what I want on my "future projects" list; I finally bought some yarn (online for the first time!), so I'll be waiting on that.

Lest you become confused, no, I'm not finished with Lucy Lu yet. But I'm finished with both front pieces (pictures forthcoming), the back, and about halfway through the first sleeve. So I'm not SO far away. Even with the moving.

However, I wrote this post to show you what I'm dreaming about. First of all, what I'm getting ready to knit, which is:

The Calliope Sleeveless Shell from KnitPicks

I'll be knitting this one in Shine Sport Orchid.

I also purchased yarn for three pairs of socks; specifically, the yarn was:

Parade Gumballs

Simple Stripes Snapdragon

and Simple Stripes Sweet Tarts

You would think this would be plenty. However, you can't stop me dreaming, so I've been looking at pretty yarns and cool patterns (which don't always coincide). In case you're interested, some of what I was looking at:

Zodiac Top with Cable Straps I love this style, and I love cabling.. and the yarn is even reasonable affordable!

Karabella Aurora 8 - Merino wool, affordable, machine washable, and gorgeous colors.. is there anything not to like?

You'll notice that I'm buying at KnitPicks and I talk a lot about "affordable". I'd love to become a full-fledged yarn snob and get all really nice yarn, but I'm moving and trying to get a job and I just don't have a lot of money. So, I have to content myself with "affordable" if I want to keep knitting instead of having to slow down. I'd rather dream and make more projects, so I'm trying to find that balance (Red Heart is "affordable" but really quite scratchy.. not within the balance).

Anyway, now it's time for me to start literally dreaming. Hope you enjoyed my thoughts about future projects!

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