26 June 2006


Why have I not posted in several days? Well, I haven't stopped knitting completely (how could I? sometimes I think it's the only thing that keeps me sane..) but..! but..! (Sorry.. I just had this picture of typing "but..!" and how much fun it would be. Back to the blog.) But, I'm in the middle of moving. All my stuff. Two states away. Oh yeah, and basically I'm moving alone; I'm borrowing a minivan from a local relative, and getting some lifting help from some guy friends to get stuff out to the van and in, but I have done (am doing) all the packing myself. Here's an idea of how crazy my room feels:
Stuff. Everywhere. And this is after I cleared a path! However, I am working very hard to assure that my knitting is safely together and in a place where I can access it easily. I have my priorities, after all.

So, if my posting is erratic over the next few days, I apologize. And I may have to post without pictures, since I'm about to make the first drive and I'm leaving my computer here while I do that.

IF I get a chance, I will post pictures of the front left of Lucy Lu (finished) and the front right of Lucy Lu (only about 5 or 6 inches done). If not, I'm sure I'll be showing you both finished front pieces when I get back, and perhaps a sleeve-in-progress! (Oh, the excitement. ;-) ) Posted by Picasa

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