13 July 2006

BUSY!!! (But not too much for knitting)

So, the last week (since my last post, eek!) has been very busy.

I moved the last load of stuff to my new place, and all the packing that involved.

I was keeping the stress more or less under control, but this last trip was almost too much. Thankfully, my aunt came over and helped me pack rather than panic when faced with how much was left to fit into my car (which is only a Civic, after all).

Oh yeah, and I've been knitting. I got the pattern and yarn for my new Calliope sleeveless shell, and panicked when I looked at the instructions. Then came my mantra, "I wanted a challenge, I wanted a challenge, I wanted a challenge."

As it turns out, I did want a challenge, and I've been doing a pretty good job with it. If I do say so myself. Sorry, still don't have my computer/camera connection set up, so no pictures yet, but hopefully later today?

Oh yeah, and the other thing, my most ambitious knitting project yet. A Doctor Who Scarf. I'm knitting the Season 12 version, for my friend who asked me nicely. (And also is letting me stay in their guest bedroom for a while.. this is like my rent for the next couple of months, in knitting.) 60 stitches per row. And, um... I figured out how many rows, though that may have been a mistake. Are you ready for this?

Eight hundred ninety rows. 890 rows. Yes, you read that right. There is no decimal missing.

So, that will keep me busy for a while, eh? If I can just keep my nose to the grindstone and not get literally sick of garter stitch! This is why I have the lacy shell to keep my brain occupied, because otherwise, the garter stitch, it would be too much.

That's how I've been busy. How about you?

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