01 July 2006


So, I bought quite a bit of yarn from KnitPicks a few days ago. Considering I'm not yet finished with the beautiful Lucy Lu (though I'm done with the first sleeve and a few inches into the second one, already), one would think that I would stop thinking ahead and wanting to buy yarn. Especially since I need to be on a budget!

However, remember the Top with Cable Straps? From my "Dreaming" post? Well, if I actually used Zodiac, I would have to pay $36 for my yarn. I also read over on Knitty (don't have my links, so sorry I can't link you exactly right now) that the best results come when you substitute a yarn not only of the same gauge but also of the same fiber content. That way it has the same drape and such. (If only I knew what "drape" meant exactly. I'm sure I just need to read Knitty a little more...)

I'm sure you're wondering where the "danger" comes in in all of this. I won't spend $36 for yarn (and $5 for a pattern) until I have finished the projects I have with the yarn I already have. We're safe.

Okay, actually, no, safe is not the right word. I stupidly ignored Yarn Harlot's warning about following the link to Elann.com, and then I thought, "Oh, I wonder if there is a good, inexpensive 100% mercerized cotton yarn that gets 20 sts./4 inches that I could substitute."

Do you see where the danger comes in?

Anyway, long story short (too late!), I found one of the elann.com yarns, Sonata.. And look how many colors there are! And only $1.98 per ball.. that means it would cost under $12 for the yarn! Under $12!

So, I need some help here.. Why am I not buying the yarn yet? Why am I waiting? Remind me, please, because I've forgotten!

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