06 July 2006

For all your sock-knitting needs... don't go to Michael's

I just needed a couple of knitting needles. I wanted to try the toe-up, two circular needle method of knitting socks. However, that required two circular needles of the same size (I have a Boye Interchangeable needle set, but that only gets me ONE circular needle of each size). So, I went to Michael's, thinking that even if they have lots of acrylic yarn and very little natural fiber, they would at least have plenty of knitting needles.

I've been to two Michael's now (not in a row, but over the course of the day), and they don't sell circulars below size 6. This is not useful.

Also not useful is the temptation of Moda Dea yarn hugely on sale. I might have fallen into temptation and bought 6 balls of Kickx.. but it's so pretty, AND I got all six balls for under $19, tax included!

We'll see what I actually use it in, but Moda Dea is wonderfully soft, so I'm sure I will get some good use out of it! If nothing else, I will make a dangerously soft scarf and hat combo. But if I do that, it will be waiting until it is a little cooler.

(Another thought I just had was that I could attempt to adjust the pattern for the Fetching gloves in the newest issue of Knitty.. they would be kind of fun in this yarn!)

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