19 July 2006

The Kickx, it will be a Teddy Bear

Remember the crazy furry colorful yarn that I got cheap at Michael's (though I failed to get the needles I needed) and that I finally posted a picture of a few days ago?

Well, I decided that it needs to be made into something that is supposed to be furry and soft. Any ideas..?

Oh yes, I'm talking about a Teddy Bear! (Okay, maybe the title of the post gave it away. Oh well.)

That was my moment of great excitement.  I am sad to say that there are no pictures of the Doctor Who scarf's progress yet.  Last night I had a good excuse: a thunderstorm knocked out the internet.  Tonight, I'm just too lazy to go downstairs and turn on the lights and arrange the scarf and take a picture and upload it to the computer and post it on this blog.

In fact, I hardly had enough energy to type all that out.  Which is a sign that I should probably be sleeping, instead of posting.  I just wanted to share something!

I'll try to post pictures tomorrow morning.  I'm trying to be a good knitblogger, really!

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