17 July 2006

Local Stitchers' Group!

First a little plug: if there is a local stitchers group (SnB or not), go to it! I don't care if you are shy, it could be very fun!

I went for the first time to a stitching group tonight, and met tons of fun people. Because I am absolutely HORRENDOUS with names (mind like a steel sieve, when it comes to that), I'm not going to drop names, because it wouldn't be fair to the people I didn't remember! However, I can tell you that Lolly will be posting pictures and links sometime tomorrow (I think). In fact, there is a high probability that you came from there, since I don't think I have many readers at the moment. The more the merrier.

Now for the knitting. At the group, I was bravely knitting on my Calliope Shell (pattern and yarn from KnitPicks). I got lots of compliments, and that combined with finally making my own stitch markers actually got me brave enough to take a picture and post it on the blog. So here it is!

Someday I will get a close-up of some of the stitch markers, to help you see how pretty they turned out (I humbly say), but for now, I'm just too lazy.

I was not too lazy, however, to take a picture of the Yarntainer that my lovely friends bought me. Note: these friends do not knit. However, they smile and nod at my yarn obsession (they are convinced that I am collecting yarn), and they occasionally feed my obsession by buying wonderful inventions like this, at Target of all places!

You can't see the yarn inside in this picture, but it comes from inside and then threads through a hole in the top to allow me to knit with the thing closed.. and then, when I'm done for the moment, I can stuff my knitting, needles and all, right inside! I've really enjoyed it, and it also helps keep it safe from curious cats. (Though, as I've said, Jimmy is much more interested in the KnitPicks box at the moment, and I'm happy to let him be!)

That's all for the moment. Tomorrow after the exciting Tour de France stage (Alpe d'Huez, here they come!) I will post my progress on the Doctor Who scarf. The more exciting it gets, the faster I knit! Posted by Picasa

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