29 July 2006

One Strike, Two Strike

Two days, two attempted trips the LYS.  Note the "attempted."

Yesterday, I dragged my non-knitting friend (well, she doesn't knit YET) to the former location of the LYS.  Actually, it wasn't so much dragging, since she fell in love with some wonderful novelty yarn last time (when I *did* drag her there) and hasn't been able to get it out of her mind.  It's been several months.  Raise your hand if you think we have a future knitter here!

Anyway, we went to the former location.  Not knowing that it was the former location.  There was a sign in the window for a "moving sale" but the shop was suspiciously dark and empty, and the door securely locked.  No evidence of where the store had gone.

So when we got home, I immediately googled for the store (the Celtic Knot, in case you're in the Baltimore-ish area of MD) and found out where they had moved to.  It turns out it wasn't so far away from where they had been, but it was too late to go back yesterday.

So today, we went out to the new location; it says on the website that their doors are open.  However, once again it was a dark and extremely locked door that greeted us.  On the plus side, it was not empty on the other side.  There were so many beautiful yarns that I was nearly drooling.

I just wanted some wool fumes to brighten my weekend.. was that so much to ask?  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait for the official opening, because I'm not stupid.  Three strikes and I'm out, so I won't go back to the "plate" until I'm sure I can at least hit the ball.

(P.S. Aside from the Tour de France/cycling, that is likely the only sports analogy you will ever see on this blog.  It took me until sixth grade flag football to learn that football actually had rules about not tackling people who don't have the ball.  And when one doesn't have a good grasp on the rules of the game(s), one does well not to use analogies that require such a grasp.  I'm just saying.)

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