16 July 2006


Yes, indeed, the camera is set up once again (finally!) and we have pictures galore!

First is the finished Tara's Tank, lying flat:

Then comes the Kickx yarn that I bought about a week ago now.. you should be able to see some of the other colors, now, even if you can't identify them:

The next picture comes with a bit of a story. Now that I'm almost completely moved, I'm staying with some friends who have kindly invited me to live in their guest bedroom while I job search. These friends have two cats, who have almost opposite personalities. Jimmy is a black cat, and VERY friendly. Sam is mottled grey and you will probably never see a picture of me, because I can't imagine him staying in the same room with me for me to take a picture. I see him just before he goes around a corner, occasionally, but that's about it.

Anyway, I was afraid that Jimmy was going to want to attack my yarn while I was knitting. I have dealt with this with other cats (though I've never owned any myself). However, Jimmy has instead decided to adopt the box that my KnitPicks yarn came in, even though he doesn't really fit into it. He's in it nearly all the time that I'm knitting, and it looks something like this:

He gives me a giggle, every time he plops down halfway inside of it!

And finally, an actual Finished Object, being worn, to prove that I haven't completely been "sucking wind" as far as the Tour de FOs goes. I think Tara's Tank has become my own, and I like it very much!

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