04 July 2006

Tour de...

So, the Tour de France started four days ago (on the 1st of July). This is getting me up at a decent time in the morning (9:30am) in order to watch it live... and it's also a great thing to watch while knitting.

I missed the Knitting Olympics, so I was hoping that something similar might happen with the Tour de France. As it turns out, though, some people are doing the Tour de Fleece; a very cute idea, I will admit, but for spinners rather than knitters. And since I don't spin at all...

So, I've been trying to come up with something that would work for me as a knitter, and I finally got it. I give you: The Tour de Finished Objects!

The Tour de France is a grueling three week race that is much mental as physical; each day, the riders must make the decision to get back on the bike and run their body into the ground once again, with only a few short breaks.

Similarly, the Tour de Finished Objects will be a grueling three week project of forcing myself to FINISH all my projects which are off the needles but not technically finished. I will be posting pictures of these projects before and after finishing, as I unpack them and set up my camera. It should be an exciting ride, folks! (Or, at least, productive!)

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