21 August 2006

Ballband Dishcloths: Healing Powers?

Some people may not like to knit dishcloths.  (Dishclothes?  Maybe I should stick with washrags.)

However, I was feeling much better after I woke up the next morning after posting about my new washrag obsession.  Lest you think that it was because I had bound off said washrag and would no longer need to knit it that I finally got better, I cast on another one.  And finished it.

These are kind of fun!  Actually, really fun, with the way you can play with colors.  And you can finish one in a day (okay, a long day, for me), without too much thought, and yet they won't make you go broke.  (I've gotten at least two out of two balls of Sugar & Cream, and I'm guessing I can get AT LEAST one more.)

Well, I suppose they could make me go broke (it's not a long way from here) but at least it would take a lot longer...

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