18 August 2006

Sick... so what to knit?

So I'm sick. It's some stupid cold that hasn't taken me completely off my feet but makes me feel mildly miserable most of the time and really miserable some of the time. What fun.

Yes, that's my excuse for not posting. I'm feeling too miserable to do much of anything, much less get my brain together to post.

However, I don't stop knitting. I've hit the washrag phase, because what's better to knit when you're sick but some easy washrags? You don't even have to spend a lot on yarn!

Here's a ballband dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting:

And here's a multi-colored washcloth in a woven waffle pattern that completely does NOT show up on the picture (and you can only see it really close in person). Maybe that's a good thing, since I messed it up at one point.. and I just wanted the texture for a washrag because it seemed more functional.

I also made a little foray into linen stitch before discovering that I hate it--though it could be useful for a belt, since it makes a VERY stiff cloth! My little foray made a small coaster.. Forgot to take a picture, maybe I'll take one and maybe I won't.

Hopefully I'll feel better soon. Really soon. Posted by Picasa

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