16 October 2006

Cast-On Binges and Fiber Fasts

Those of you who knit, do you ever go on a "cast-on binge"? I mean where you know that you shouldn't cast-on anything new, but not only do you cast something on, but you cast-on more than one thing? In the same night?

Okay, so I might have done that.

But they are both scarves! So stop shaking your head in dismay! Yes, you!

I may have a slightly guilty conscience, too; but, I like my new projects, even if I didn't really need any new ones.

So I'm sure you're wondering what they are. They are probably both going to be hard to get pictures of, but I will try.

The first is Branching Out; my mom said it was a good pattern, and I decided to give it a try with some KnitPicks Gloss that I had laying around. I have to hand it to KnitPicks.. their customer service/shipping and handling may leave something (or a lot of things) to be desired, but their yarn is actually pretty nice. Especially Gloss. Very very soft and wonderful.

This is the very beginning of it that I have on the needles:

I also needed a black scarf for winter; would you believe I don't own any black scarves? There was a severe need for one last winter, so now I will have one. I'm doing a "fake" or "garter" rib by doing a K2P2 rib on one side and purling the other. Doing K2P2 for the whole scarf could drive me insane.

I went to JoAnn's for this yarn, and got some of the squiggly kind because it has a very skinny shiny thread plied with the thicker yarn, giving it a little more sheen which I was hoping would make it look nicer. However, the bunchiness is already driving me crazy, so we'll see if I can handle it for the whole scarf. Hopefully so. Sorry you can't see any stitch definition, but there's hardly any to speak of and then add in that it's black and catching it with the camera is pretty much doomed.

Speaking of buying more yarn, I'm not going to. I'm hereby going on a Fiber Fast until Stitches East; I do NOT need any more yarn to keep me knitting until then. This is not just yarn store yarn, but also craft store yarn; I may not even buy a single skein of a new yarn to try out or more sock yarn. I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE YARN. (I'm trying to remind myself of this fact.)

Can you all keep reminding me that I don't need any more yarn? Please?

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