09 August 2006

I Know This Feeling

Have you ever gotten a relatively drastic haircut? One that you liked, but in a hesitant sort of way.. a way in which one negative comment might be enough to change your mind, and it's too late anyway? And so, you don't want to hear any comments from anyone, because they might be good, but they might be bad, and you want to feel a little more confident, a little less delicate, before you are ready to hear whatever people might have to say.
Well that, my dear blog readers, is why I have been hesitant to post lately. Well, a combination of that, and not liking to post without pictures. Because, let's be honest, talking about knitting is all well and good, but at least half the reason you're here is for the pictures. Isn't it true?
Anyway, I've been hard at work with the GORGEOUS yarn that I got and posted a picture of. Someone asked what I was making with it, and the answer is Soleil, from Knitty.
So where does this insecurity that causes me to not post pictures come from? Well, the gorgeous yarn is pooling. Not everywhere, just when I have a certain number of stitches, which fortunately came twice with the waist shaping. I'm pretty sure that I like it a lot, but then if someone were to make an offhanded comment about how it was "too bad" or something like that, I might suddenly flip and change my mind. And I'm pretty certain that nothing is going to "fix" it (nor certain that I want to fix it, of course). So, I've been keeping it to myself.
However, having written all this out, I think I've finally found the courage and lack of fragility to show it to the world. And I'm hoping you all like it, because I want to be able to proudly wear it when it's finished, rather than being nervous of more comments! (Again like the haircut!)
So, here it is:

By the way.. does anyone have any good tips for photographing circular knitting? That could be part of my hesitation, too.. Posted by Picasa

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